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Case Studies

Leading gift catalog mailer achieves 600% ROI by integrating Facebook into its holiday campaign

A gift and home products catalog mailer approached Infogroup to help them optimize holiday campaign response by integrating an online channel into their existing holiday catalog direct mail campaign. 

B2B Publisher Reduces Uncategorized Subscribers to Under 10%

A leading B2B information and marketing solutions company serving all segments of the travel and meetings industry approached Infogroup Media Solutions to help improve the quality and accuracy of their circulation classification in support of ad sales, circulation development and enhanced customer insight.

Driving Online Customer Acquisition through a Multichannel Approach

A prominent multinational etailer of electronic components approached Infogroup Media Solutions in April of 2015 looking to drive new customer acquisition through a multichannel approach. The client was previously working with a well-known competitor to run multichannel acquisition campaigns but was seeing mediocre results.

Marketing Genetics Helps Multi Co-op User Increase Response Rates 3-12%

A high volume direct mailer that participates in numerous data cooperatives was in need of additional mail prospects. The client has several niche product line offerings and a business that is dependent upon direct response data. The client was concerned that new names would not be found due to their participation in all major cooperative databases.

Catalog Company Achieves 15% Above Margin with Marketing Genetics

A national catalog company that sells clothing, electronics, shoes, tools, toys, health and beauty merchandise on a payment plan was looking to expand its buyer base through direct mail analytics using house credit payment options.

Healthcare Company Increases Customer Database by 17%

Our client was looking to improve list processing, understand their customers, and run improved acquisition campaigns. Infogroup Media Solutions was able to help.

New Insert Media Client Sees 10% Increase in PIP & BI Revenue Plus $200,000 in New Sampling Program

Cataloger felt that previous manager was not maximizing their potential insert revenue and was looking to move their package insert and catalog blow-in programs under Infogroup's Insert Media management.

Multi-Title Cataloger Sees $1,300,000 in Increased Revenue through Insert Media

Client was hesitant to open a catalog blow-in program due to concerns about the third-party inserts impacting sales within their book. At the recommendation of the Insert Media team, they agreed to a test of the blow-in program.

Catalog PIP Reaches 100% Fill within the First 2 Quarters

After working with a client on two blow-in programs and successfully increasing their revenue, the Infogroup Insert Media team recommended the client consider relaunching a PIP program which had been off the market for two years, due to internal issues. The client agreed. 

Package Insert Program Doubles Revenue

Client wanted to develop an additonal revenue stream from the insert channel and looked to Infogroup's Insert Media team to make it happen.