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Data Processing and Database Creation - Database Management

Infogroup Media Solutions Delivers Top-Notch Data Management for Enhanced Marketing Results

Understanding the value of your corporate data and making the most of this asset can help you achieve a greater degree of success in your marketing efforts. Infogroup Media Solutions is a leading innovator in database marketing applications and can provide the in-depth knowledge and expertise you need for direct mail campaigns that expertly pinpoint your precise customer base and provide them with solid reasons to buy from your company. We continually work to create new ways and new tools that can help you reach your B2B and B2C audiences more effectively.

At Infogroup, we provide a full range of database management services that include the basics and move right through advanced processes and techniques available only through our company. Our extensive line of services includes the following:

  • Database creation and design from the ground up
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization of your valuable customer data
  • Merging and purging processes to create the most accurate resources possible
  • Ongoing marketing applications that put your data to work for your company
  • Full-service marketing and mailing lists services that complement your existing efforts


We can provide you with the most advanced database management tools to create added value for your marketing campaigns. We use your existing customer data or provide access to our own to help you construct workable and highly targeted direct marketing campaigns that reach the decision makers ready to buy your product or service. We’re able to build databases from your existing customer data on a quarterly, biannual, or annual basis, allowing you to choose the frequency and services that best serve your needs.

At Infogroup, we deliver data for your marketing campaigns based on a number of relevant criteria. We study factors and statistical data to determine the most valuable core audience for your marketing efforts; some major factors include the following:

  • Recent purchases in your product field
  • Frequent purchases
  • High-ticket purchases
  • Lifetime value of purchases
  • Demographics information


Infogroup Media Solutions delivers market plans and database management services to help your company achieve the highest returns on your marketing investment and to reach your core audience of prospective customers more effectively.