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Data Processing and Database Creation - Merge/Purge

Merging and Purging Services from Infogroup

With experience that crosses decades, Infogroup Media Solutions has a detailed understanding of the optimal approach to evaluating, matching, enhancing and integrating various sources of customer information:

  • House Lists
  • Rental Lists
  • Specialty Files
  • Suppression Lists
  • Previous Order Lists


Whether you have duplicates in your database, or would like to merge separate database files, we’ll find, update and supply you with the best and most complete records possible.

Duplicate records in your customer database are a waste of printing, postage and effort. Infogroup Media Solutions’ merge/purge services will help you reduce marketing costs and increase the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by:

  • Standardizing current data
  • Creating one clean file for your lettershop/printer
  • Identifying duplication within all your database files
  • Combining lists from several sources

Infogroup Media Solutions uses a multi-step process: from examining and sorting each record; identifying the duplicates; then selecting the best record. Our proprietary merge/purge system uses integrated matching logic to identify consumer-to-consumer, business-to-business and consumer-to-business matches.

Key Features & Benefits of Infogroup Media Solutions’ Merge/Purge Service:

  • We examine every name and address component in every record, which enables the system to minimize overkill (elimination of too many duplicates) and underkill (when many duplicates are missed).
  • We use a scoring method, based on the completeness and accuracy of the name and address information, to select the “best address.” This provides for the most deliverable record for mailing purposes.
  • Proprietary merge/purge algorithms and logic can be customized to match your business needs.
  • Elimination of duplicates may be performed at the individual and household level for consumer lists and contact names for business lists in a single pass.
  • Infogroup Targeting Solutions’ merge/purge system can process as many as 9,999 lists in one project. This benefits marketers who need to create sub-segments of lists for tracking and match-backs or for reporting matches to previously mailed segments.
  • Extensive analytical reports offer details on the entire merge/­­purge process.

Our proprietary processes can allow your company to manage its marketing strategy more effectively and can save you time and money in your promotional efforts.