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Email Marketing - Email Append

Reach Your Customers With Ease Via Email

Our email append service allows your company to reach your customers more efficiently, effectively and gives you the flexibility to perform channel management techniques. This marketing service matches email addresses with physical locations to maximize your reach in the marketplace. By integrating this information and matching names, addresses, and emails, Infogroup will provide added depth to your email marketing strategy. We constantly update our databases with new information, so our email append service will help your company stay in touch with existing customers while providing increased accuracy for your email outreach programs. This exceptional service ensures that your marketing efforts achieve optimum efficiency while reducing bounced emails and wasted effort and bandwidth for your company.

Email append offers the following exclusive features:

  • Match rates of up to 40 percent on repeated passes
  • First-run match rates of 15 to 25 percent
  • More than 75 million consumer addresses
  • More than 27 million business addresses


This vast array of contact information and high degree of accuracy ensures maximum efficiency for your online marketing campaigns.

In addition, our design team is able to help you create visually appealing emails that will "wow" your target audience and ensure added readership for your promotional materials. We follow up with expert copywriting that delivers your message more effectively and ensures that your promotional efforts produce maximum impact on your target audience. At Infogroup, our comprehensive range of services can take you from start to finish; we even provide tracking and measurement analytics that can help you assess the success of your email marketing campaign.

The email append program is the latest in ongoing efforts by Infogroup to create relevant and targeted databases to optimize your marketing efforts. We deliver the most comprehensive array of services for your email and direct marketing campaigns, allowing you to enjoy added success in reaching your target audience and increasing your sales and overall revenue. This holistic approach to direct marketing allows us to serve your needs more effectively with new products and proven strategies for increased visibility and sales for your company.