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Email Marketing - Email Lists

Email marketing features strong response rates, low costs, instant results and swift, accurate analysis. Targeted email lists are your ticket to engaging prospects directly and nurturing them into repeat customers. You can also multiply the success of your next campaign with a multichannel dimension and combine a postal promotion with responsive email marketing for impressive results.

We specialize in identifying email lists that are targeted to reach the consumer or business contacts you need. Whether it’s our own proprietary B2C or B2B email file or one of our managed permission-based email files, we can deliver the digital prospects you’re looking for! If you’re looking to monetize your email customer asset, we can help you with that too. Not only do we manage hundreds of email prospect lists, we’ve helped many list owners and publishers put their email names on the rental market for the very first time in an efficient and compliant manner.

Contact Us for Email Brokerage Services, a Targeted Recommendation from our Managed Email Files or to receive more information on How to Monetize your Email List.