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Insert Media & Multichannel Solutions

Our insert media programs and services deliver valuable opportunities for generating revenue and for acquiring customers with an integrated marketing campaign. Insert media programs provide a vital, cost-effective component for extending your customer reach and a significant revenue stream for program owners.

Check out all of our Insert Media Program Data Cards—by type and category: Go to www.infogroupmediasolutions.com/categories/all-insert-media-programs

Insert Media Programs include:

  • Package Inserts
  • Blow-Ins and Bind-Ins
  • Ride-Alongs
  • Onserts
  • Statement Inserts & Messaging
  • Sampling Programs
  • Online Inserts
  • Co-ops
  • Space Advertising
  • Partnerships
  • Event Packages

Generate Revenue

Infogroup’s Insert Media Management division is the largest in the direct marketing industry. We manage insert programs across the catalog, publishing and online categories—generating revenue for our clients by selling space to non-competitive advertisers into their package shipments, catalogs, invoice statements, and other programs.

We are proud to include among our clients some of the most prominent names in the direct marketing industry. Our full range of managed insert media programs gives us a unique view of the entire marketplace and a tremendous advantage for increasing sales through cross-selling among managed properties. We generate millions in incremental revenue for our insert media program owners.

Acquire Customers

A well-crafted insert media program is designed to increase your contact frequency and produce maximum response at a fraction of the cost of other direct marketing media. Incorporate the right insert media or alternative media components and your sales message will receive the frequency to produce customer acquisition…at an optimal cost.

Our insert media division offers you all the qualities of a full-service insert and multichannel media agency with the experience and expertise you need: brokerage, management, distribution planning, cost review, and valuable industry insight. Using our marketing, sales, and buying power we create opportunities for marketers searching for new customers through multichannel media.

We can take you from start to finish with creative, innovative insert marketing to reach your target audience and establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with in the modern consumer marketplace.