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Insert Media - Additional Opportunities

Free Standing Inserts (FSI’s) – Newspaper FSI’s have become more direct mail/direct response-friendly as publications are challenged with selling more pages while coupon distribution decreases. A great testing vehicle, FSI’s represent at least 100MM circulation weekly and can frequently be bought as remnant for under $3/M for a half page. Blow-in opportunities are also available here.


Product Sampling Program – This method of insertion offers a variety of “goody bags” distributed free to specific markets, i.e. college students, new mothers, buyers at retail, and other special interest groups. Inserts accompany product samples and coupons. Packages are sometimes given out “free” in high traffic situations. Frequently, geographic targeting is also available.


Co-Op Mailings – This category, by definition, presents a group of non-competitive advertisers mailing to a common market. Co-ops represent large numbers (up to 40MM) in a single drop, can usually provide good geographic selectivity and often provide demographic selectivity as well, i.e. new mothers, new movers, prenatal. Although responses are not as high as those generally received from package inserts, co-ops are priced more competitively, at an average of $15/M. Most of them are available in a #10 envelope format, but some mail in a 6 x 9” envelope. Circulation exceeds 100MM/quarter.

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