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Brokerage - Circulation Strategy

Infogroup Media Solutions group has experts in strategy and analysis to put a plan in place that will meet or exceed your marketing goals.

Fine Tune Your Prospecting Efforts

Infogroup Media Solutions has the people and products to maximize your return. Whether it’s which market to target, what channel to use, or what offer to send, our specialists will come up with a strategy the matches your desired outcome.

Speak to one of our experts and find untapped niches, methods to maximize lifetime value and other important factors in your circulation strategy. From catalogers to nonprofits to event managers to publishers, we’ve successfully worked with all types of marketers and can use that knowledge to accelerate your growth.

Our analysts won’t stop with the initial launch. They will check back end results to tweak and continually improve results. Penetration analysis, regression, cross-tab, historical, churn, and other modeling are all pieces that will be considered when finalizing your go-to-market strategy.