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List Brokerage - Multichannel

Infogroup Media Solutions has experts in postal, phone, email, and online marketing you can leverage for optimal results.

Your Future Customers are Waiting for You

Your future customers are out there, now you just need to reach these prospects through the correct channel at the right time. Luckily, Infogroup Media Solutions has worked with thousands of marketers and has the knowledge to guide you. Which prefer email? How much of a response lift will phone follow up get you? We can guide you through these, and any channel optimization question you may have.

And with our Sapphire database for B2B and Marketing Genetics for B2C, you have access millions of records of targeted, qualified prospects. Response testing has never been easier, and the depth of our data will get you to the contact who has the interest and authority to purchase your product or service, in the best channel for response.

Infogroup's append services allow you expand contact with your current customers as well. Append email, phones or physical address where data is missing to utilize preferred channels and messaging to keep clients happy and coming back for more.